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A little our great big family. I am a stay at home mom with my two children. My work and hobby is taking care of my dogs, puppies, and find qualified homes for our available pups. I bread yorkshire terriers at my house one town over from my dad.  My dad and I both work together to raise these happy healthy cairn pups. My mom tougt us everything we know about dog and puppies, she was amazing! Since her passing I have stepped-in to help with maintaining our site, advertising, finding qualified homes, and most importantly keeping track of what puppy is what name. My dad does the hardest work, he is incharge of the day to day taking care of our pups around the clock. Our family has been raising cairn terriers for over 14 years.We get such great feedback from the families that adopt our puppies and we love it when they stop by and visit. We are asking $1200 for our pups, we post new pics about every 2 weeks. Your pup will come to your home wormed and with their 1st shot. Call us and we can talk puppies!

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last updated 07/01/20
(231) 350-8063
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"Puppies From Our Home To Yours"
"I Love My Dog and My Dog Loves Me"