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> Absolutely! She is super smart and has learned so much already. What really blew my mind was how much the vet liked her. He is very honest with me. I would be quite honored to be on your comment page.
> Pat Pintar

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> > > Just wanted to let you know everything went very well. Trudy was an angel on the plane. She just slept the whole time. Then she came home and slept in her crate all night through. What a sweetheart! She is a real tail wager and greeted everyone that came up to us...and that was quite a few people! She has the perfect personality for a therapy dog. Thank you so much. She is perfect! By the way, the vet was very impressed with her. He said she was very healthy and he loved her personality too. Thanks again.
> > > Pat

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> Hi Shaunna,
> I just had to tell you more about Trudy. She is super smart! She knows at least a dozen commands already at the age of eleven weeks. She starts obedience school next Monday. She gets along with the other dogs so wonderfully. They play and play. She is no longer a "quiet" dog! Trudy loves to give kisses. She is really on her way to becoming an excellent therapy dog. I want you to know that Trudy knowing her name when I got her was so essential in teaching her. Teaching her the command "come" was super easy because she knew her name. So keep up the great work in letting your puppies have great experiences before going to their forever homes!
> Pat
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